The name is Doctor Jean Grey, Living at Xaviers Institute of Higher Learning, please feel free to say Hi
Mar 20th | 18 notes
Mar 20th
thedeathwail: Hey there, Jeanie. Long time no see.

Hey Sean, hows everything been around here?
I guess I’ve been away for awhile huh?

Mar 20th
redwoodnickbakker: Bonjour Mon ami... I Don believe we have met yet. Names Nick. Nick Bakker.

Yeah I was…..away for awhile.
It’s nice to meet you Nick, my names Jean~
Jean Grey.

Mar 19th
mistress-of-the-elements: Jean Grey, my friend! It is very good to see you again. -She smiles and hugs the other woman.-

I…it’s weird to be back but I to am happy to see everyone once more. I hope not to much as changed….

Mar 17th
firecracker-jubes-deactivated20: Heya Jeanie! How're ya doin'?

It’s weird being, back I guess….
Really weird.
But…It seems Phoenix is calm, for now.
So good I guess, what about you Jubilee?? 

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Oh yeah, these too.
Johnny come get y’re’s afore I drink it myself.

Hmm, don’t mind if I do…-takes his-

-pouts-  Darn.

-chuckles- D’you really think I’d just pass one of these up?

Well, I was hopin’. Go back ta y’re Fosters or whatever ya drink. -sticks out her tongue-

Right now, -holds up Shake-  This.  This is what I’m drinking. -sips from straw-

-eye roll- Meh.

Starbucks dyed there whip cream green for today
Mar 17th

….that’s a hard one…
At least they’ve only tried to attack me in the simulations from the old DR sessions.